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Thank you for choosing Faye Hatton Photography for your recent Celebration / Event. From here you can view all of the photos taken of your event and have the option to purchase your favourite shots.

(Simply click on the names of your event from the list below to view the slide show).

Prints are available just e-mail: with your required file numbers. Happy viewing.

Prices are:

7 x 5" £7.00
8 x 12" £15.00
18 x 12" £32.00

Katy and Jim Wedding Gallery

Ailis and Josh Wedding Gallery

Leigh and Dan Gallery 1

Eleanor and Joe Gallery 1

Eleanor and Joe Gallery 2

Eleanor and Joe Gallery 3

Lucy and James Gallery 1

Lucy and James Gallery 2

Jackie and James Gallery 1

Jackie and James Gallery 2

Anne-Marie and Gary Gallery 1

Anne-Marie and Gary Gallery 2

Gaynor and Colin Gallery 1

Gaynor and Colin Gallery 2

Phillipa and Paul Gallery 1

Phillipa and Paul Gallery 2

Barbara and Adam Wedding

Tara and Dom Wedding

Nikki and Dan Gallery 1

Nikki and Dan Gallery 2

Alice and Harri Gallery 1

Alice and Harri Gallery 2

Naz and Aki Gallery 1

Naz and Aki Gallery 2

Jane and John Wedding 2

Lorna and Adam Wedding 1

Lorna and Adam Wedding 2

Karen and John Gallery 1

Karen and John Gallery 2

Karen and John Gallery 3

Lysette and Andy Gallery

Pennie and Tom Gallery 1

Pennie and Tom Gallery 2

Emma and Dominic Wedding

Nikki and Terry Gallery 1

Nikki and Terry Gallery 2

Jane and Nick Gallery 1

Jane and Nick Gallery 2

Emily and Ben Gallery 1

Emily and Ben Gallery 2

Bev and Matt Gallery 1

Bev and Matt Gallery 2

Jenny and James Gallery 1

Jenny and James Gallery 2

Amira and Brad Gallery 1

Amira and Brad Gallery 2

Nicki and Simon Gallery 1

Nicki and Simon Gallery 2

Kayleigh and Adam Gallery 1

Kayleigh and Adam Gallery 2

Sarah and James Wedding

Lisa and Steve Gallery 1

Lisa and Steve Gallery 2

Maddie and Cameron Gallery 1

Maddie and Cameron Gallery 2

Lynsey and Dave Gallery 1

Lynsey and Dave Gallery 2

Rachel and Mick Gallery 1

Rachel and Mick Gallery 2

Laura and Darren Gallery 1

Laura and Darren Gallery 2

Amy and Ben Gallery 2

Amy and Ben Gallery 1

Pru and Jock Gallery 2

Pru and Jock Gallery 1

Sara and Dave Gallery 2

Sara and Dave Gallery 1

Cecile and Doug Gallery 2

Cecile and Doug Gallery 1

Vicki and Phil Gallery 2

Vicki and Phil Gallery 1

Duducu Family

Barlow Family

Sam and Michael Gallery 1

Sam and Michael Gallery 2

Francesca and Pietro Wedding

Caroline and Kevin Wedding

Amelia and Rob Wedding

Sonya and Graham wedding

Alex and Delphi 12

Becky and Dan Gallery 1

Becky and Dan Gallery 2

Adele and Jon Gallery 1

Adele and Jon Gallery 2

Donna and David Wedding

Maggie and Jim Wedding

Shutt Family

Cole Family

Clark Family

Liz and Luke Gallery 1

Liz and Luke Gallery 2

Clare and Sam Gallery 1

Clare and Sam Gallery 2

Amy and Andrew Gallery 1

Amy and Andrew Gallery 2

Alice and Richard Gallery 1

Alice and Richard Gallery 2

Kurzon Family

Laura and Adam Gallery 1

Laura and Adam Gallery 2

Farrar Family

Chloe and Iain Gallery 1

Chloe and Iain Gallery 2

Catherine and Steven Gallery 1

Catherine and Steven Gallery 2

Amy and Paul Gallery 1

Amy and Paul Gallery 2

Desreen and Ben Gallery 1

Desreen and Ben Gallery 2